Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Boston Bombers' Greater Jihad

Judge Jeanine Pirro hit it out of the park the other day.  Her assessment on the Boston bombings is an indictment of our immigration system.  We allowed a terrorist cell to infiltrate our country under the pretense of asylum.  These ingrates then began to impose the jizya, which is a tax on the kaffirs.  This tax came in the form of welfare.  Many Islamic leaders see this as part of the greater Jihad. 

Not long ago, this country had a policy that prohibited immigrants from becoming wards of the state.  We once had the ability to deport those who failed to become productive.    It’s called the Public Charge Doctrine.  Unfortunately, liberals have undermined this necessary policy.  They see legions of teat squawkers as a ticket to power, even if it means compromising our national security.  Doubt me?  Look at what is happening in Europe.

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