Monday, April 22, 2013

The Progressive Gospels

After watching a number of documentaries on Hitler’s Germany, I’m struck by the parallel ideologies of the Nazis and the Progressives. Both believe in the evolutionary principles of Darwin and in doing so they had to destroy the pillars of Western civilization in the name of progress.

One of the first institutions both attacked is traditional values. The Nazis believed that the children belonged to the State. We’re witnessing the same kind of attitude with liberals. Progressives don’t believe parents have a say in their child’s education, or how they’re raised. Recently, a professor and commentator at MSNBC proclaimed that your kids belong to the collective.


The Nazis instituted the Hitler Youth and Lebensborn program, which was designed for the sole purpose of raising the birthrate of Aryan children.  The Progressives, however, instituted the welfare state, enslaving single mothers (and their children) to a lifetime of dependency, and now they're attacking the time honored tradition of a marriage between one man and one woman.
Both the Nazi and Progressive ideologies despise Christianity.   Heinrich Himmler proclaimed he wanted to pull it out by the roots.  Progressives are doing the same by shunning and silencing Christians who dare profess their religion, or say a prayer in a public forum by using the courts as a weapon.  Their contempt for Christianity is as virulent as any of Hitler’s Nazis.

Both had to revise history in order to implement their ideologies.  The above video goes into detail on the Nazis referendum.  Progressives, on the other hand, had to distort and dishonor our founding principles and documents, and especially those who fought for our independence.  They have successfully replaced our founders’ constitution with their own.  Hence, their Darwinian premise of a living and breathing constitution. 

Both have abused science.  The Nazis used all sorts of crackpot theories to advance their sense of superiority, such as Hanns Horbiger’s “World Ice Theory.”  Click on the link below for this wild nonsense.  The Progressives, in turn, advanced their Global Warming scheme in order to subjugate and control the population.  This lie is being refuted daily.


Finally, both advocated and implemented eugenics.  Germany and the United States sterilized and warehoused millions of their citizens.  The final solution for the Nazis was the Holocaust.  The Progressives have Planned Parenthood and abortions.  Their style isn’t on the same level of horror as a concentration camp, but their disdain for life and their fellow human beings is just as reprehensible.  If anyone has any doubts about that, I suggest you read about the atrocities at Kermit Gosnell’s clinic.

The Progressives will hoot and holler about this comparison.  But the facts are the facts and as much as they want, they can’t distort this part of their history.

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