Saturday, April 13, 2013

North Carolina Taxpayers Fund Babysitting for Illegal Aliens

North Carolinians have been debating the value of state funded preschools.  To many of us, they’re glorified babysitting factories that productive citizens are forced to subsidize.  The latest non-revelation is that illegal alien parents are using this service to unload their kids, so as to steal jobs from Americans.  Here is an excerpt from the Charlotte Observer: 

But its work has become more critical as the Hispanic student population in CMS has gone from 18,562 in 2010 to 22,378 out of 141,000 students this past year. If anything, Tate says, the preschool is helping that Hispanic population assimilate quicker, including teaching the parents such basics as why they need to show up at parent-teacher conferences.

Tom Gates, board chairman of the Bilingual Preschool, acknowledges some critics will object to the charity’s mission on principle.

He wishes they would visit the school and see what it’s accomplishing. It could change their mind, he says.

“But no matter what the outcome of the larger public debate, these kids are U.S. citizens and will be in our schools,” Gates said. “It serves the entire community if they arrive prepared and able to contribute. If we don’t do something to help them, nobody else will.”

The preschool, which depends heavily on money from the state’s Smart Start program, has set a goal of raising an additional $250,000 for the first phase of growth. That would expand it from 87 to 138 children within its current facilities on Central Avenue and at Caldwell Presbyterian Church on East Fifth Street.

The growth to 380 students is expected to stretch out over three to five years and could encompass five sites.

One of the biggest incentives for illegal aliens is birth right citizenship.  If we are ever to control our borders, this issue has to be dealt with, and the only way that’s going to happen is when we repeal the 14th Amendment.  Until that time comes, we’ll continue to be invaded by the third-world horde.

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