Saturday, April 13, 2013

North Carolina Senators Advance Gun Control Bill

I’ve often written about repealing the 17th Amendment.  The betrayal of both North Carolina senators is a case in point as to why this is necessary.  Recently, they voted to advance a gun control bill in the Senate.  Here is an excerpt from Grass Roots North Carolina:

Misguided US Senate gun control proposals could have been quickly killed during Thursday’s vote to proceed, if not for 13 “sell-out” Republicans who cut unknown deals with Harry Reid (D-AZ). Both of our Senators voted to subject our Second Amendment rights to infringement. This is unacceptable, and they both must pay.
It was perhaps expected from Hagan given her GRNC 0-star rating, but Burr’s betrayal is unforgivable. As late as Wednesday, April 10th he had pledged to join patriots like Senators Paul and Cruz in filibustering the motion to proceed. The fact the very next day he voted in favor MAKES IT CLEAR Burr has LIED to NC voters and cannot be trusted to defend our fundamental liberties.
They both may claim they “want debate” and that they don’t intend to vote for the bill, and that there are opportunities to filibuster later. Don’t buy it. There is nothing good that can come from this bad bill remaining alive a second longer than it has to. It is now possible to use this bill as a “vehicle” for unknown amendments that will be introduced – including Feinstein’s modern rifle ban. The entire federal gun control effort could have been over today and the threat behind us. Instead, now we must watch the Senate’s every move as “must pass before we know what’s in it” amendments are introduced.

Both Burr and Hagan need to understand that IF ANY gun control restrictions are passed as a result of their betrayal THEY WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!

The only way we can stop rogue senators from passing unconstitutional laws is to repeal the 17th Amendment.  The States must have a recall mechanism, until that time comes we’ll continuously be at the mercy of these super-legislators.

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