Saturday, August 23, 2014

Austria is not Immune to the Jihad

Austria isn’t immune to the jihad. About 130 residents have fought alongside Islamic militants in and near Syria.  Most of them are foreign nationals, mainly from Turkey, Russia and the Balkans.  Forty were actual citizens.

Reuters reported the following:

The subject is at the top of the news agenda in the neutral Alpine republic after police arrested nine people this week who prosecutors said were believed to be on their way to Syria to join the fighting.

The suspects had mostly come to Austria as young people and got political asylum that could be revoked should they be convicted of joining a terrorist organization, officials said.
All nine have been remanded to investigative custody.
Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said support for radical Islamists was on the rise in Austria and called for closer European cooperation to address the issue.
"We need to close ranks across Europe in the fight against terrorism and jihadism," she said, urging a policy of zero tolerance.
Roughly half a million Muslims live in Austria, representing about 6 percent of the total population.

That’s about 6% too many.

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