Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ex-NFL Linebacker Describes Destruction of Black Community by Great Society

Gary Cobb is a former NFL linebacker.  He is a candidate for the 1st Congressional District of New Jersey.  In an interview with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax TV, Mr. Cobb described growing up and watching Lydon Johnson’s Great Society destroy the black community.  Here is an excerpt from a TPNN article:

Cobb, 57, explained that Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs, supposedly designed to combat poverty, had the opposite effect on black Americans, forcing fathers out of homes and destroying black families. 

“In order to get on the program (LBJ’s eliminate poverty program), the man had to leave the home,” Cobb said. “It’s destroyed African-American families throughout the country.” 

“I was all into the Democratic Party and everything and then I started realizing they helped destroy our communities and we’re celebrating electing these people,” Cobb, who volunteers his time helping underprivileged youth in the Camden, New Jersey area, recalled. 

“African American communities throughout the country are doing horribly under Democratic-run cities and that’s why I want to put an end to it,” Cobb said.


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