Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ISIS and Palestinians Upholding Islamic Traditions

Muslims, particularly the jihad sort, have made it known they don’t value life.  Palestinians shoot missiles into Israel caring little where they land, or who they hurt.  Death is meted out equally whether it’s a military target or not. ISIS beheads Christian males and enslaves their women and children if they refuse to convert.

And they call Islam a "religion of peace."  

Professor Cornel West appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night.  He made a simple statement, "You can't have a right-wing government that allows for the killing of 427,000 precious Palestinian babies.”

I guarantee you, the Israelis see Palestinian babies as precious.  The question should be, “Do Palestinians see their children as precious?”  I don’t think they do.  They use their children as human shields.  Golda Meir said something similar to that.

Islam has a history of devaluing life.  Muslims see human beings as commodities.  Convert or die.  If anyone refuses their god, there will be a price to pay.  The tax could be your children.  Here is an excerpt from The Legacy of Jihad:

First of all the Ottomans capitalized on the general Christian fear of losing their children and used offers of devshirme exemptions in negotiations for surrender of Christian lands.  Such exemptions were included in the surrender terms….

And if they refused:

“…to enforce the command of the known and holy fetva [fatwa] of Seyhul [Shaikh]-Islam.  In accordance with this whenever some one of the infidel parents or some other should oppose the giving up of his son for the Janissaries, he is immediately hanged from his door-sill, his blood being deemed unworthy.”

It is obvious that the population strongly resented…this measure [and the levy] could be carried out only by force.  Those who refused to surrender their sons – the healthiest, the handsomest and the most intelligent – were on the spot put to death by hanging.

As of now, Christians in Iraq are being hunted.  They are told to convert or die.  Women and children are enslaved.   Reporters are calling ISIS an extreme form of Islam.  I submit they are upholding the traditions of their “religion.”



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