Monday, August 11, 2014

NC GOP Stymies Democratic Voter Fraud

I found an article at Doug Ross Journal  about voter fraud in North Carolina.  Many of us have known about the shenanigans of NC Democrats for years, however, this particular piece published by Accuracy in Media sums it all up in one long post.

One example of voter fraud is out of state students voting in North Carolina elections.  The GOP put a stop to that.  Of course, liberal rags like the Charlotte Observer decried it as voter suppression.  Here is an excerpt describing the reasons for the change in election laws:

Students at the historically black Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) have been captive votes for city Democrats for ages. They have literally been ordered by faculty to register and vote in Elizabeth City, whether they live there or not. Some former students have even continued to vote by absentee ballot using the college address while residing and voting in other states. In April, 2013, the county board of elections sustained 57 of 60 voter registration challenges. All voters listed ECSU as their residence.

North Carolina’s Voter Integrity Project (VIP) discovered hundreds of individuals registered to vote who declined jury duty because they claimed non-citizen status. If their non-citizen status is accurate, they committed a crime by registering to vote. More than half of them voted one or more times. VIP has identified 147 cases of double voting by NC residents who moved to Florida and managed to vote in both locations. VIP has also identified over 20,000 voters registered with false addresses. Some counties even allow voters to register with non-existent addresses. The SBOE is now following up. The former Democrat-controlled SBOE couldn’t be bothered.

I guarantee you all the Observers that infest this state didn’t mention that.  We’re used to biased media in the Old North State.  Conscientious Tar Heels have to depend on alternative media and think tanks to get at the truth.  Read the article in its entirety.  It’s well worth it.

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