Saturday, August 23, 2014

Revenge of the Third World

The United States isn’t the only first-world nation inundated with unwanted immigrants.  The whole third-world is on the move.  Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Great Britain are flooded with people seeking to escape poverty, war and pestilence.  This massive amount of humanity has caused a problem.  What are they to do with all these people?

In France, migrants are rioting near Calais.  Most are from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  They are trying to get to Great Britain.  Here is a description of the chaos:

More than 51 east African migrants desperate to reach the “El Dorado” of the UK were injured in ethnic clashes early today in Calais over access to lorry parks, in the second night of rioting near the ferry terminal.

Charity workers say the authorities are “overwhelmed” by a recent increase in the numbers of migrants in Calais which now totals 1,300. The clashes involved Sudanese fighting Eritrean and Ethiopian migrants, with sticks, iron bars and stones. The violence prompted local authorities to send in riot police on Monday, but they failed to quell the battles which drew in 300 people overnight.

The massive amount of humanity has a detrimental effect on the indigenous population.  These third-worlders will fail to assimilate.  They’ll bring the same prejudices and beliefs that made their native countries hellholes.  Take a look at France.  Muslims, whose beliefs are antagonistic to Western civilization, continuously riot.  There are no-go zones in Paris and other cities.  These enclaves are a danger to national security.

As of now, twice as many British Muslims are fighting for ISIS than the British armed forces.  One day these so-called citizens will come “home.”  Does anyone believe the jihad stops at the British shores? Worse, they have passports that grant them access to the rest of the world.  Isn’t that lovely?    

There is some good news.  European youths are aware of their elders’ betrayal.  They are beginning to speak out against this EU suicide pact.

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