Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beheadings: An Islamic Tradition

ISIS favorite demonstration of victory is displaying the heads of its victims. Bare Naked Islam exposes the gruesome nature of Islam.  Here are two posts from their website showing graphic pictures of these rabid degenerates posing with the heads of their victims.  To view ISIS brutality click here and here.

Beheadings seem to be a favorite demonstration of power by Muslims.  The great Mongol warlord, Tamerlane, used the same method to intimate his opponents.  Here is an excerpt from The Legacy of Jihad:

It is true that he slaughtered all his enemies as thoroughly and conscientiously as the great Mongol, and the pyramids of human heads left behind him as a warning example tell their own tale.  Yet the survivors forgot the lesson given them and soon resumed secret or overt attempts, or rebellion, so that it was all to do again.  It appears too, that these bloodsoaked pyramids diverted [Timur] from the essential objective.  Baghdad, Brussa (Bursa), Sarai, Kara Shahr, and Delhi were all sacked by him…

Beheadings, the ole dependable tool in a bag of Islamic horrors, is a tradition that Jihadist love to employ.

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