Monday, August 11, 2014

Progressive Organizations Adopt Hamas Paradigm

How can progressive organizations declare themselves nonprofit with a tax exempt status while at the same time engage in partisan politics with impunity?  Tea Party organizations were harassed by the IRS for doing the same.  The difference is progressives have modeled themselves after the terrorist organization Hamas.  One part is civic, the other is militant.  Here is how the New York Times described Hamas:

The Hamas brigades “are completely separate,” Mr. Abu Marzook said.

Hamas’s civilian, political wing had put itself under the government, he said, and its political leaders continued to speak and set policy for the military wing. But he insisted that the Hamas fighters would remain outside the new government’s control. “Of course, they are outside the unity government,” he said.

Even though both Israel and Egypt want the newly formed Palestinian “unity” government to defang Hamas and its military wing, called the Qassam Brigades, “they can’t get that,” Mr. Abu Marzook said. “It is as simple as that, like the way that Israel wants to destroy Qassam, and they haven’t done that, right?”

Analysts said the split Mr. Abu Marzook described — with Hamas’s political leaders standing behind the new government, while its military wing stays independent — might be the group’s only hope for preserving some military clout while also getting some relief from the blockade for Gaza’s residents.

Here is how describes a prominent progressive organization in North Carolina.  Mind you this is the exact model Planned Parenthood, NARAL and all the other totalitarian organizations have adopted.

As they describe themselves: Progress North Carolina is actually two different groups. Progress NC is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit not allowed to get directly involved in politics. Progress NC Action is a 501(c)(4) that is allowed to advocated for causes and candidates. On its Progress NC, the (c)(3), describes itself as "a voice for forward-thinking North Carolinians who want to protect the balanced approach to government that made our state great....Progress North Carolina promotes public policies which make NC a fairer, healthier, more equitable state by advocating solutions to critical community problems." The about page for Progress NC Action carries much the same language, but says "as a 501(c)(4) political education organization, are active in elections that further our mission."

Affiliates and brands: Progress NC issues statements and takes action mainly under its own banner. Like other organizations, it is split between a charitable nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that can take tax deductable contributions and a "social welfare" 501(c)4 nonprofit that doesn't pay taxes but can support or oppose candidates.

Hamas’ intent is to destroy Israel.  Progressive organizations are hell bent on destroying the institutions that made America great.  One is fighting, in jihad vernacular, “little Satan,” the other “big Satan.”

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