Monday, August 18, 2014

Senator Kay Hagan is a Moderate?

Do you consider having a 92% voting record that supports President Barack Obama’s agenda, moderate?  I sure as hell don’t.  But that’s what Senator Kay Hagan wants us to believe.  She is running ads touting her moderate credentials.  And where does she get this notion of being a moderate?  Why, the National Journal of course:

In 2012, National Journal rated Hagan the sixth most moderate Democrat in the Senate. In the three preceding years, she came in at 22nd, 11th and 15th.

The Hagan campaign defended her record Thursday, saying she is proud of her most moderate ranking and has broken with the president on votes when she felt it was the right thing to do for North Carolina.

“She opposed the president on the FDA regulation of tobacco; she voted against the budget last year that cut too much from defense spending; she supports Keystone pipeline and repatriation, just to name a few instances,” said Hagan campaign press secretary Chris Hayden. “While Kay has proven to be an independent voice for North Carolina, Speaker Tillis passed an anti-middle class budget that catered to the wrong priorities of the special interests by cutting $500 million from education spending to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy.

Liberals love moving the goal post.  How can anyone consider a 92% voting record with Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama as moderate is beyond me.  National Journal’s ranking demonstrates just how far left the Democratic Party has gone.  These people are extremist.   This is not mainstream America.

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