Saturday, May 16, 2015

Critics Jitterbug on S.C. Obamacare Victim's Plight

 The only way you can be a victim in the Age of Obama is if you’re a liberal.  Conservatives can only expect ridicule and condemnation when things go horribly wrong.  That was the case when a Ft. Mill, South Carolina man asked for help on as a vehicle to defray the cost of expensive surgery.

Luis Lang is a self-employed handyman who is unable to work due to degenerative eye problems caused by diabetes.  He, like many of the self-employed, declined to purchase, or renew their health insurance due to the prohibitive cost of Obamacare. 

I’m sure Mr. Lang didn’t realize that by going public, he was going to be a poster boy for statist and their expanding welfare state.  I’m sure he’s taken aback by those who find pleasure in his life altering illness; or, in some cases glee, like local media personality WBT’s Master of the Mundane – Keith Larson.

Mr. Lang’s critics point to his 3,300 square foot house valued at $300,000 and his unemployed wife as justification to jitterbug on his plight.  Not one of them condemns the mandates, regulations and third-party payer system that have rendered health care unaffordable to those who have the courage to be self-employed.

The Cato Institute, back in 2004, published an accounting of the uninsured.  Here is an excerpt:

"The high cost of health services regulation is responsible for more than seven million Americans lacking health insurance, or one in six of the average daily uninsured. Moreover, 4,000 more Americans die every year from costs associated with health services regulation (22,000) than from lack of health insurance (18,000). The annual net cost of health services regulation dwarfs other costs imposed by government intervention in the health care sector. This cost exceeds annual consumer expenditures on gasoline and oil in the United States and is twice the size of the annual output of the motion picture and sound recording industries

As you can imagine, the implementation of Obamacare has made matters worse. 

Statists argue the expansion of Medicaid would have helped Mr. Lang.  I doubt it.  One must qualify.  North Carolina has an income and resources limitation, which means he would have to divest himself of home and savings.  You would have to practically impoverish yourself, or hide what little wealth you have, to glom onto the government teat.

And what if you qualify for Medicaid?  Doctors are refusing patients due to low reimbursement rates.  And if you do find one, good luck in getting an appointment.  Rolls have expanded.  North Carolina’s rate has increased 12.4 percent.   

Luis Lang is a victim of Obamacare and the many years of government intervention in health care industry.  This entrepreneur should be able to afford eye surgery without being impoverished by punitive health insurance and overinflated doctor’s bills.       



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