Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Federalization of American Cities

The Obama administration has issued a pilot program called COPS which will federalize police departments in six major U.S. cities.  These local communities will subordinate self-government to the central planners in Washington D.C. in exchange for a quick infusion of cash.  Only Ft. Worth has a republican majority, which makes one wonder what is going on in that town.
 This is just the beginning.  We can expect the federal government to completely take over cities whose politicians are incompetent and corrupt.  Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, just to name a few, have become an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.  Their policies, and consequential ruin, are examples of what can happen when the populace smokes liberal crack.
 Progressives need to take the spotlight off of their failures by incorporating bankrupt municipalities under the federal umbrella.  By doing so, they can politicize local issues by blaming republicans at the national level.
 We can expect a czar or a cabinet level official to oversee this blatant power grab.
The whole concept of federalism is being destroyed before our eyes.  Soon the federal government’s tentacles will grasp every aspect of our lives.


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