Saturday, May 2, 2015

Living Wage Smacks Around San Fran Comic-Book Store Owner

Nothing is more comical than watching a liberal get smacked upside the head with reality.  San Franciscan business owners, who without a doubt are proud libtards, are finding out the cost of progressive policies.  They thought raising the minimum wage to a “living wage” sounded good but in reality is harmful to their livelihoods.  Here are the exasperations of Brian Hibbs.  He is the owner and operator of an iconic comic-book store in the Bay area. 

“My jaw dropped. Eighty-thousand a year! I didn’t know that. I thought we were talking a small amount of money, something I could absorb.”

As you can expect, those who voted for this idiocy never think of the consequences.

I’m hearing from a lot of customers, ‘I voted for that, and I didn’t realize it would affect you.’

Of course, not.  They thought the fat cats would’ve been the ones skewered, but in reality, they’re the ones getting all the breaks.  National Review reported the following:

And the problem goes still deeper. While forcing hundreds of Bay Area small businesses to close, cut staff, or overhaul their practices, San Francisco lawmakers have given multimillion-dollar tax breaks to lure or keep technology giants such as Twitter and Zoosk. “There’s lots of room for the rich and the powerful,” Hibbs observes, “but, really, they’re not doing anything to help small business.”

Mr. Hibbs confessed he believes in capitalism and wants to work within the market.  Maybe, he should consider crony capitalism and work within the halls of city government like Twitter and Zoosk.


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