Saturday, May 23, 2015

Liberals Should Ask: What Would Muhammad Do?

How can anyone proclaim Muhammad is a prophet of the same God as Jesus Christ?  It is an absurd comparison.  Here are a couple of illustrations from It's All About depicting the acts of the most perfect man in the Islamic world.

 MUHAMMAD NEVER FORGOT INSULTS. Here, Muhammad’s first cousin Ali beheads one of the Badr captives, Nader al-Harith, a man who had frequently mocked him in Mecca over his claims that God talked to him. Nader used to follow him around and offer to recite Persian epic tales to the people he had addressed, telling them the Persian stories were more interesting than Muhammad’s prophet stories

THE MURDER OF ASMA, the daughter of Marwan. Muhammad wanted her dead because of a poem she composed criticizing the tribes of Yathrib for failing to retaliate against him after he assassinated an elderly sheikh who had composed satirical verses about him. The assassin Muhammad recruited at the mosque broke into her home late at night and plunged his sword into her while she slept with her five children, including a newborn. Only the infant is depicted here.

Maybe, liberals should ask, “What would Muhammad do?” instead of Jesus.  I don’t recall the Nazarene raiding, assassinating, enslaving or engaging in acts of pedophilia or polygamy.  One of these days, that question may save their life.


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