Saturday, May 30, 2015

Government Contractor Pleads Guilty to Not Having a Minority Vagina

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long and cost so much to implement and complete a government funded infrastructure project?  Contractors not only deal with the hassle of overcoming mountains of bureaucratic red tape, corrupt politicians and lawsuits by environmental groups, they also have to comply with political correctness.

A Monroe, NC business owner pleaded guilty to conspiracy and money laundering charges to federal prosecutors because his company wasn’t a minority owned business.  And as you can expect, a company that builds roads needs government contracts.  Boggs Paving Company submitted the lowest bid, but the owner didn’t have a vagina or the right skin color.  Now, he’s going to jail.

According to the federal indictment, Boggs and his co-defendants conspired to get federal and state contracts by claiming a minority-owned small business would do part of the work. Under state contracting rules, 15 percent of work on such projects must be completed by minority or female-owned companies.

Prosecutors say millions in payments to a bank account in the name of Styx Cuthbertson Trucking were later funneled back to Boggs Paving. To aid the fraud, magnetic decals for Cuthbertson covered the Boggs logo on trucks at the construction sites.

The Monroe expressway project was not included in the federal indictment, but records obtained by AP show that Monroe Bypass Constructors included Styx Cuthbertson Trucking on the 2011 list of minority contractors it submitted as part of its winning bid.

Charbonneau said Cuthbertson was removed from the state-approved list of minority contractors on the project.
“As with all major construction projects, NCDOT publicly advertised this project and awarded this project to the lowest bidder,” Charbonneau said. “It was not awarded through fraud.”

If you’re a white male business owner, you’d better have an understanding that your kind is persona non grata.  However, you could pull a Bruce Jenner and become a woman or an inverse Michael Jackson by darkening your skin and perming your hair.  I hear this transformation is becoming all the rave.


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