Sunday, May 31, 2015

Islam is a Political Ideology in the Guise of a Religion

I remember back in the day when I used to believe Islam was just another religion like Christianity. That, of course, was before 9/11.  I used to believe that all people yearned to be free and desired self-government, and the only circumstance holding these poor unfortunates back were dictators who exploited them. 

Basically, I believed in the Bush Doctrine that if people were freed from oppressive regimes, they would embrace peace, democracy and capitalism.  Events have shown we couldn’t have been more wrong.

People are beginning to realize that Islam is not compatible with Western values; it is a political ideology in the guise of a religion.  For the West to survive, we as a people, have to come to this basic understanding.

Andrew McCarthy, a contributor to National Review and former prosecutor, expressed those same views on the Blaze:

The difference is, Soviet ideology never traveled under the banner of religious liberty, and there was never the kind of squeamishness about examining it that we have now. And … the best way to combat it is to get over that squeamishness.

What we have to understand is that there is a difference between what we ought to regard as Islam the religion … which is something that is adhered to by, you know, many many many patriotic American Muslims, who have no desire whatsoever to have a United States that’s structured like the totalitarian societies that a lot of them either left or reject for their own reasons.

So we have to distinguish that from this political Islamist ideology that is rooted in Islamic doctrine, and a very literal interpretation of it, and that rejects a division between church and state, or between mosque and state.

That ideology is — it has a religious component — but it’s a political ideology overwhelmingly. And it ought to be dealt with as one. And we should stop — you know our public officials should stop trying to label it as something it isn’t. It’s a political, totalitarian conquest ideology that has certain religious elements to it.

We have to start being honest with ourselves.


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