Sunday, May 3, 2015

Martin O'Malley: Baltimore's Failures are America's Failure

Liberals like Martin O’Malley never take responsibility for their policies, or their actions.  Their failures are America’s failure.  Nothing is their fault.

 I visited Baltimore in 2004 to watch the Preakness and I can tell you the majority of that city is a hell hole.  HBO featured The Wire around that time, and I can attest to the authenticity of that show.  I mistakenly drove down a major thoroughfare where I witnessed block after block of boarded up houses as far as the eye could see.  I was dumbstruck at that town’s dilapidated state.  But somehow, Martin O’Malley would have us believe its America’s fault for the failures of Baltimore.

The United States has spent over $22 trillion on poverty programs since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.  How’s that working out?  Now we have rioters throwing rocks at police while taking pictures with their smart phones and tweeting others to burn down their city as well.

America is populated with people like Martin O’Malley who can’t come to turns with their failures.  Meanwhile, we have to watch a major city burn to the ground by sociopaths with EBT cards.



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