Saturday, May 30, 2015

Senator Elizabeth Warren: I Didn't Flip That!

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a liar and a hypocrite?  Say it isn’t so!  Surely, there must be a mistake.  How can a populist politician be so callous as to profit off the misery of others by buying foreclosed homes, presumably once owned by the middle-class, and then flipping them for a handsome profit without appearing to be a predator?

Why, you have family members do it for you, of course.

Warren's campaign said the claims were baseless and that she and her husband helped family members purchase the houses, since they were in a financially secure position to do so.

"Elizabeth and Bruce are fortunate to be able to help their family," said Alethea Harney, Warren's press secretary, in a statement. "They have been able to help relatives buy their homes and after Elizabeth's brother lost his job as a construction worker, Elizabeth and Bruce were able to provide him support to buy and fix up properties."

Senator Elizabeth Warren didn’t flip that house; her family did.  That’s what she would have everyone believe.  National Review attributes some of Warren’s wealth to her vulture capitalistic nature:

As a professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania, and later as a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, she was doing well for herself, building both her professional profile and her wealth. She owes at least part of her considerable financial success, it seems, to snapping up these properties in her native Oklahoma and turning them for a profit — though today that’s not a practice she endorses for the many people looking to emulate her success. The Boston Herald reported on these purchases during Warren’s Senate run in 2012, noting that she invested in “the often topsy-turvy real-estate market of the 1990s” and that her actions “don’t seem to square with her public statements about the latest real estate boom and bust.”

What Senator Warren did in Oklahoma, stays in Oklahoma, except of course, her Cherokee heritage.


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