Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Democrats Adopt Russian-esque Immigration Model

I was looking for an analogy that best describes the Democratic Party’s obsession for colonizing the United States with people from the third-world.  We all know liberals want a permanent underclass that is dependent upon them.   This big government constituency will guarantee Democrats an oligarchy.

 We must ask ourselves what immigration model they based theirs on.  What regime inspired them?  An article in the blog Sultan Knish answers that question.  Here is an excerpt:

Whether nation states will continue to exist as entities with representative governments empowered to manage regions by their native populations, or whether they will give way to regional and global organizations that do not represent citizens, but the welfare of anyone and everyone in the area. The left favors accelerating the breakup of First World states using population transplantation. The less compatible the new immigrants are, the more social problems they bring with them, and the more hostile their disposition toward the natives-- so much the better. Because the goal is colonization, not integration.

In its day, the USSR deliberately mixed together population groups, deporting and transplanting different groups, where they would be perpetually in conflict with one another. Uzbeks and Koreans, Russians and Estonians, Chechens and Kazakhs, and so on and so forth. These policies bred a great deal of needless conflict, which still continues to this day. But this Divide and Conquer policy kept different groups at each other's throats where they weren't a threat. The Soviet Union did not invent this tactic, it was carried over from the Czars, and was an old tactic of empires. To break up the national resistance of a native population by colonizing it with foreigners. 

Everyday Americans are told by Democrats and their illegal alien advocates they aren’t special.  They’re told our founders were felons who raped and pillaged their way to prosperity.  That the American creed and culture is a fraud and our histories are fairy tales based on lies.  In the meantime, third-worlders have achieved sainthood.

And what are the consequences of these actions? 

 The left has fed the superiority complexes of refugees and migrant workers, even as it has marginalized and criminalized the superiority complex of the natives. It has done this in the name of tolerance, but the collision of two groups, one of whom has a superiority complex, will not lead to tolerance, until that latter group takes power. Then it may bestow some tolerance on those who were its former rulers, but are now its subjects.


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