Sunday, January 11, 2015

Beltway Courtesans Flip Off "Caveman Caucus"

I'm amused by beltway courtesans rallying around their ideological maypole in defense of the status quo.  So-called conservative pundits are no different than progressives.  They will defend their territory against any and all claim jumpers. 

Fox News’s Special Report all star panel is an example of hubris mingled with contempt for those of us who are advocates for limited government, as defined in our constitution; yet, rarely exercised or heeded.  No, this current government we have is not of our founding.  It is one forged in Europe.  President Woodrow Wilson admitted this much, as summed up by Ronald J. Pestritto in his book, Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism:

If bureaucracy, as it administers progress, is to act on behalf of the general interest, what is the role for public opinion? Wilson, after all, seems a consistent advocate of connecting politics much more directly with popular opinion. Yet, his writings on the separation of politics and administration show that public opinion is not to be brought more directly into the realm of administrative decision making. “The problem,” Wilson explained, “is to make public opinion efficient without suffering it to be meddlesome.” Public opinion is a “clumsy nuisance” when it comes to the “oversight of the daily details and in the choice of the daily means of government.” So while public opinion ought to be introduced more directly into politics, politics must confine itself to general superintendence – to the role of setting only the broad goals of the nation. “Let administrative study find the best means for giving public criticism this control and for shutting it out from all other interference,” Wilson wrote.

Is this an American ideal? Even Woodrow Wilson confessed this form of governance is alien and un-American:

But where has this science grown up? Surely not on this side of the sea….American writers have hitherto taken no very important part in the advancement of this science. It has found its doctors in Europe. It is not of our making; it is a foreign science, speaking very little of the language of English or American principles….It has been developed by French and German professors.

So, while we plebeians advance our meddlesome opinions, the administrative state chugs along without concern, for they know establishment republicans will do nothing. And yes, there is a republican establishment. And beltway courtesans like George Will, Charles Krauthammer and Nina Easton will run blocker for our D.C. masters by belittling anyone that dares to protest being governed out of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.  Because, according to them, we are nothing more than petulant children whose elected representatives is too busy scratching themselves in the “caveman caucus.”


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