Thursday, January 8, 2015

Republican Establishment Startled by Boehner Opposition

Speaker John Boehner and his establishment cronies are startled by the volume of protest calls that flooded Capitol Hill demanding their representatives change leadership in the GOP.  So much so, the orange man is reconsidering punishment for those who refused to vote for him.  The Washington Examiner reported the following:

The callers were not angry about legislation. Nor were they asking for help with a local matter. They were demanding their representative vote against Boehner Tuesday in his bid to win election to a third term as speaker.
For the GOP leadership, the flood of calls was a game changer. It thrusted the leadership into triage mode as it scrambled to heal the growing rift among House Republicans.
 “We’ve never been lobbied quite like that,” House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday. “We yesterday began a new era of circumstances, and one is that we have members who are going to solicit the outside in ways that they have not previously.”
 Boehner was so agitated by the phone calls that he raised the issue to his rank and file in a private meeting Wednesday morning, those in the room reported.
 Boehner was defensive, according to witnesses. He told GOP lawmakers he has long espoused the Tea Party principles that the callers accused him of abandoning.

Had Speaker Boehner espoused Tea Party principles, he wouldn’t have shoved CRomnibus down our throats.  We are playing the long game.  Sooner or later, the American people are going to realize Washington D.C. is the problem and not the answer.  One of these days, the states are going to have to call for a constitutional convention.  That is if the people still value our founding principles.

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