Saturday, January 17, 2015

Government Bureaucrats Shield Unscrupulous Politicians

When historians reflect upon the Age of Obama, they’ll note this was the era of federal bureaucrats.  They’ll state this president flaunted the administrative state like no other before; that it became self-evident that all three branches established and reaffirmed a fourth arm of government, and gave it the power to create and adjudicate its own rules, in fact circumventing the legislative process outlined in our Constitution.

This was cleverly done by politicians, who didn’t want to vote on controversial subjects, and have to face the wrath of their constituents.  What better way to implement laws that advance statism than a nameless and faceless bureaucrat, while at the same time, giving a politician a platform to rail against policies he secretively advocates.  One would say this form of government is un-American.  As a matter of fact it is! 

President Woodrow Wilson was a great advocate for the administrative state.  He was a proud elitist who resented the “little people” who criticized his genius.  Wilson had a disdain for the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  He believed in Darwinian principles of societal evolution.  Progress became a dog whistle for a powerful centralized government and its legion of specialized bureaucrats.  This model of scientific administration Wilson admired was crafted by Europeans:

But where has this science grown up? Surely not on this side of the sea….American writers have hitherto taken no very important part in the advancement of this science. It has found its doctors in Europe. It is not of our making; it is a foreign science, speaking very little of the language of English or American principles….It has been developed by French and German professors.

Nazi Germany demonstrated how efficient and innovative a motivated government bureaucrat can be.  I watched a documentary on how the German people were kept in the dark on Hitler’s “Final Solution.”  Politicians didn’t want to get their hands dirty when it came to murder.  Even the Nazis were subject to public opinion.  So, with trial and error, they surreptitiously expelled Germanic Jews to concentration camps, all the while assuring their neighbors they were being sent to a better place.

And the role of the judiciary

It was the administrative state that collected data, confiscated property, transported, housed, and eventually murdered millions of Jews.  You will be hard pressed to find Adolf Hitler’s signature affixed to any document authorizing or acknowledging the “Final Solution.”  Bureaucrats shielded the Fuehrer as much as possible for plausible deniability.

The administrative state is designed to give plausible deniability to ambitious and deceitful politicians.  So far, under the Obama presidency, over 21,000 regulations have been implemented with an additional 2,375 scheduled for the year 2015.  And, of course, all this is being done with the clap and thunder of congressional outrage and grandstanding by our elected representatives.


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