Saturday, January 17, 2015

Secretary John F. Kerry Demonstrates Pansy Diplomacy

Is the United States still considered a super power?  Have we become a follower, instead of a world leader?  That seems to be the question after President Obama snubbed France by not sending a high level official from his administration to march on the Parisian streets with our long time ally.

We all know this arm in arm demonstration is nothing more than a show.  European leaders, for the most part, are still in denial about the cancer that is Islam.  But President Obama sent a message of a different sort, one that has perplexed members of his own party, and particularly the boot lickers in the mainstream media.  To me it is quite simple.  He sees the Charlie Hebdo massacre as nothing more than a local crime, and should be treated as such.  And now, they are dealing with the blowback.

Secretary John F. Kerry made a fool of himself, and our country by trying to reassure the French people we are still their friends.  And what was the best way of doing this?  Why, by putting it in song of course.

I do believe the world is having a revelation about America’s soft power diplomacy.  I can just imagine it now.  It is cartoonish in nature, almost like when King Julian in Madagascar summed up the new arrivals on his island after testing their resolve.

We have become a bunch of pansies.  Come on world, let’s meet the pansies!


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