Thursday, January 8, 2015

Islam: The Short, Yellow Bus of Religions

Once again, innocence is slaughtered by adherents of the “religion of peace.”  This time the victims weren’t Christians, who have the misfortune of living in a middle-eastern hellhole, peaceably living the tenets of their lord and savior.  They weren’t young girls who refused to become sex slaves for the soldiers of Allah.  Nor were they humanitarians helping refugees fleeing the paradise of an Islamic state.  No, this time the slaughtered were satirist who poked fun at a so-called prophet, who himself, was a paragon of intolerance and degeneracy.

The satirists at Charlie Hebdo were murdered for having a sense of humor.  While everyone else cowered behind a cloak of political correctness, the brave took up a pen and stroked the quills of this porcine-rat, knowing they would be pricked.  At the same time, politicians and western media bow and scrap, kowtowing to a murderous ideology because they don’t have the guts to call out Islam.  Even after this massacre, the mainstream media blots out Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of Muhammad; a demonstration of bravery, indeed.

Islam is the short, yellow bus of religions.  Muslims have special needs.  They must continuously have their egos stroked.  All must confess the superiority of their ideology.  To do otherwise is to risk death, enslavement, or pay an onerous tax.  Is it any wonder leftist are infatuated with this totalitarian ideology?  Progressives continuously make excuses for Islam.  Maybe, it’s because they too have special needs.

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