Thursday, January 8, 2015

Police Demonstrate Black Lives Do Matter

Here is an example of police demonstrating that black lives do matter.  Watch as they shield this man from gunfire.  Listen in the end as he encourages the officers to not let the gunman beat them, and ‘get that motherf**ker.’

SEATTLE - Police have released video from a patrol car's dashcam that was rolling New Year’s Eve as a gunman opened fire toward officers on a South Seattle street.

The shooting came minutes after police responded to a second report of a domestic violence incident at a home in the 4200 block of South Eddy Street.

Officers were first called to the home shortly after 10 p.m. after receiving a report of a domestic dispute between a man and woman. Officers investigated the incident and left the scene to complete their report.

Around 10:30 p.m., police returned to the home a second time after receiving another 911 call from the victim, who said the suspect had kicked a door and was making threats.

The suspect came outside and was being interviewed by officers as he sat on the hood of a patrol car parked on the side of the street. It was all very routine, as recorded by the patrol car's dashcam.

Then suddenly the mundane became terrifying as a vehicle pulled up rapidly behind the patrol car and another vehicle stopped farther down the block. Officers heard gunfire and quickly took cover behind the patrol car, shielding the domestic violence suspect, then returned fire.

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