Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Federal Government Slave Ship

Point a gun at a person’s head and chances are he will do what you say. Redistributive laws are equivalent to an armed, street thug extorting money from hapless shopkeepers.  Do as he says or else.

The biggest crime syndicate in American history is run out of Washington D.C.  These slavers have sawed off their moorings – limited government as dictated by the U.S. Constitution, and are rounding up victims to row their treasure laden ship.  Hard working citizens will propel this luxury vessel at a steady and brisk pace.

Listen closely.  Do you hear all those politicians and their cronies partying in first class?  You can barely make out their laughter and champagne glasses clinking as they toast each other’s success.  It’s kind of hard to discern all that celebration over the steady drumming by our bureaucratic task masters.

What’s that moaning?  Why that’s the teat squawkers and illegal aliens in steerage.  They’re constantly grumbling and demanding taxpayers pick up the pace.

Sign up for Obamacare expires in February.  Record numbers of people are being forced to sign up or else.  No one can afford health insurance without a government subsidy.  It’s either pay a penalty, or go on substandard Medicaid; that is if you qualify.

Row, slave!  Row!  


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