Saturday, January 17, 2015

Charlotte, North Carolina: Gateway City for Illegal Aliens

The devaluation of American citizenship has seeped from that cesspool called Washington D.C. and is contaminating our cities.  Municipalities are taking it upon themselves to issue ID cards to illegal aliens on the pretext to help them come out of the shadows.  I’ve yet to see a shadow that can hide these flagrant violations of our immigration laws.

Charlotte, North Carolina is a perfect example of a degenerate city run by democrats.  They want to turn the Queen City into a gateway for illegal aliens.  Of course, these democrats will use citizens as a doormat for illegal aliens to wipe their feet on.  Here are some of the incentives third-worlders can expect at the expense of law abiding Charlotteans, as reported by the Charlotte Observer:

Proposed strategies include:

• A “startup row” in a vacant strip mall for immigrant entrepreneurs.

• “International Corridor” grants to market economic development zones for immigrant businesses.

• A “Going Global” campaign that helps local businesses find international markets.

The task force was created by City Council resolution in November 2013, and its members (29 in all) were selected by both the council and the mayor’s office under Patsy Kinsey and later Patrick Cannon.

Current Mayor Dan Clodfelter met with the task force in June and said he supported the idea of a municipal ID.

Among the details city leaders would need to work out is how to pay for the task force recommendations. This includes how to pay for adding bilingual staff for such things as the Office of New Charlotteans. The latter would be staffed with bilingual workers who have community development expertise.

In the case of the municipal ID, participants could be asked to pay a small fee for the ID card. However, the task force says the cost could be subsidized by creating partnerships with cultural institutions, businesses and museums.

The benefits of the ID include helping law enforcement identify individuals who are currently not allowed to have a state driver’s license, supporters say. The cards could also be used for a variety of existing programs, such as library cards and a means of paying for public transportation and parking, officials said.

Emily Zimmern, who co-chaired the task force with Latorre, said many of the recommendations are based on suggestions from the community. The task force also sought the expertise of other cities in the country that have introduced their own immigrant-oriented programs and municipal IDs.

Zimmern said she recognizes that some in the community may be wary of the recommendations.

You think!  I wish American citizens had an advocate with the same zeal Democrats have for illegal aliens.  Instead, our wallets are raided; our communities invaded, and all the while told to shut up while Jose, Maria and their litter of brats trample over top of us on their taxpayer subsidized free-for-all. 


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