Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shape Shifting Jews Responsible for Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Welcome to the magical, mystical world of Islam where Muslims are never at fault for atrocities committed on behalf of their moon god and his prophet Muhammad.

Beware of the deceitful Jinn, who manipulate Muslim victims into committing heinous acts, as dictated by the venerable prophet.  Look out for that shape shifting Jew behind the rock.  You know he’s the one making Islam look bad.


This is the victim mentality of Muslims, as demonstrated by “Parisians” and their attitude to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The Daily Beast reports:

Another young man of French-Algerian descent interviewed outside a gas station in the Saint-Denis suburb reacted angrily to a reporter’s presence and demanded to know her religion. “The worst thing is to be atheist,” he said.

The man, who gave his named as “Mohamed,” also said he was a devout Muslim but then changed his demeanor and added, grinning, that he was also “a delinquent.” Then he said he was a drug dealer and without prompting, invited the reporter into the (also very clean) gas station to show an array of hashish for sale in broad daylight on a shelf next to the ATM.

He also called the Paris terrorist attacks “un complot,” or conspiracy, and launched into a lengthy explanation of the “magical Jews” behind it. They were not ordinary Jews, he said, but a “hybrid race of shape shifters” who have extraordinary abilities. “They know how to get in everywhere,” he said. “They are master manipulators.”

I believe the real master manipulators practice the art of taqiyya and possess the mark of the beast on their forehead.


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