Tuesday, January 27, 2015

King vs. Burwell: A Precedent That Could be Venezuelan

The Supreme Court will decide the fate of Obamacare this year when they rule on King vs. Burwell.  This should be a no brainer since the law unequivocally dictates that only an exchange setup by a state is eligible for federal subsidies.  However, the Supreme Court is just as much a political animal as the other two branches.  No one can predict how they’ll rule, even when a law is as straight forward as this.

Striking down Obamacare would free millions of Americans from onerous penalties, save trillions in taxes, and relieve businesses of ridiculous and unconstitutional mandates.  It would mean the beginning of the end of a dictatorial law forcing citizens to buy a product that does not pertain to their needs.

We must remember that these federal exchanges are unlawful.  When 36 states refused to setup an exchange, the Obama Administration ordered the IRS to offer subsidies through a federal exchange.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of this administration, the implications are dire.  Federal bureaucracies already have the power, through the Administrative Procedures Act, to create rules and regulations that have the force of law without going through the legislative process.  Can you imagine if they can openly defy an actual law written by Congress and approved by the Executive?

Folks, we already have a runaway bureaucracy.  A Supreme Court sanctioned ruling in favor of this administration would be an unimaginable precedent.  It would be Venezuelan.


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