Monday, January 26, 2015

Charlotte Observer Editorial Writer Wins Know Nothing Award

Progressives are in a state of panic.  Their world view is crumbling before their very eyes as one policy after another is being exposed as a fraud and failure.  Newspaper editors are lashing out in ways that are sad and comical at best. 

Taylor Batten, at the Charlotte Observer, inked an editorial that is amusing and replete with ad hominem attacks on anyone who has the audacity to question his mythical beliefs.  I am no fan of Rep. Robert Pittenger, but I will defend his assertions.  Here is an excerpt from Mr. Batten’s rant:

I’m excited to announce that this month’s winner is U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, R-N.C., of Charlotte. Many of you know Robert, as he is a long-time member of our Know Nothing caucus. He earned this month’s citation with his comments last week on WBT radio. I quote them to you now.

 “The mind of the eastern liberals who are educated in these northeastern schools is, you know, government is the most important element. They believe in centralized planning.”

Shortly before that, Pittenger told the station’s listeners: “(President Obama’s) only solution is wealth redistribution and more government programs. He’s tried it, you know, the last six years, the typical, you know, progressive, liberal, socialist – however you want to define it – policies.”

Brother Pittenger sets a fine example for us all. In just a few short sentences, he dismisses an entire region of the country and puts the lie to the idea that those diploma mills like Harvard, Princeton and MIT have been among the world’s leading educational institutions for centuries. You know and I know that Ivy League schools are not rigorous universities preparing young adults in all areas of endeavor, but rather a thinly disguised cabal designed to push centralized planning on America. Thank you, Brother Pittenger, for pointing that out.

This month’s honoree also marvelously articulates for the world what we’ve long believed: That there is no difference between progressive policies and socialist ones. Does anyone still believe that socialism is an economic system in which the government controls the means of production and distribution? Of course not! We encourage all our members to use “progressive” and “socialist” interchangeably, as Brother Pittenger does

I would say the Know Nothing Award goes to Taylor Batten.  Administrative Studies was advocated by Woodrow Wilson, a leading progressive of his time and president of Princeton University.  Wilson wrote extensively about his contempt for the Constitution and our founding principles.  He desired an elite corps of bureaucrats to run “the government” without interference from a “meddlesome” populace.  And what better place to train these pencil pushers than universities?  Besides, don’t most of these D.C. creatures hail from Ivy League schools? 

And yes, we can use progressive and socialism interchangeably, because progressives/socialists are trying to control the means of production and distribution through taxation and regulations.  Maybe Mr. Batten, the head socialist at the Charlotte Observer, should read some of his past editorials.

And of course, what is a libtard without global warming hysteria?  Here is a beauty.  Keep in mind the sarcastic tone in which he writes:

Some of you may have seen the latest fiction being perpetrated by the world’s so-called scientists. NASA scientists, based on readings from 3,000 weather stations around the globe, reported last week that 2014 was the hottest year on record. This is damn inconvenient for us and we must refute it immediately. Our campaign contributors insist.

Toward that end, some of our members have already helpfully pointed out that while 2014 may have been hot as blazes, it was only a tiny bit hotter than 2010, an amount within the margin of error. It’s true that the underlying scientific report made that clear, but the NASA press release didn’t, which gives us an opening. Most importantly, Margin-Of-Error-Gate helpfully distracts from the other inconvenient finding by the world’s leading scientists: that the three hottest years on record are 2005, 2010 and 2014

The hottest on record you say?  And it’s based on 3,000 weather stations around the world?  And when were these datasets operable?  Did you say the LATE 1970’S!  Of course you didn’t, Mr. Batten.  That would require honesty.  It would probably be helpful if you told the reader that these 3,000 weather stations aren’t distributed evenly across the planet, too.

And of course, Mr. Batten forgot to include that an array of scientist are claiming NASA/NOAA misled, deceived, and outright lied about 2014 being the hottest year on record.  Also, he left out the fact that satellites have recorded an 18 year global pause in temperature. 

So what are we to believe?  I know who I don’t believe: Taylor Batten, Charlotte Observer’s editorial page editor.


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