Wednesday, February 10, 2016

America is in a Prerevolutionary Period

A general consensus, whether by republican or democrat, is the American people are being ruled by a corrupt oligarchy.  However, there is a difference in opinion as to whom this oligarchy consist and how to remedy this situation.  Democrats, at least the ones I know, decry the sins of capitalism and want our D.C. masters to put a choke hold on profit mongers, or take over their businesses altogether.  I see Washington D.C. as the epicenter of corruption and cronyism and the only way to correct course is to repeal Progressive Era initiatives and amendments and return to federalism as dictated in our Constitution.

Whatever our disagreements, one thing is for certain: we are in a prerevolutionary period.  Here are a few examples as outlined in Washington’s Blog:

84% of all Americans believe political leaders are more interested in protecting their power and privilege than doing what is right

81% percent believe the power of ordinary people to control our country is getting weaker every day as politicians of both parties fight to protect their own power and privilege

80% believe the federal government is its own special interest primarily looking out for itself

79% of all voters believe we need to recruit and support more candidates for office, at all levels of government, who are ordinary citizens, rather than professional politicians and lawyers

78% believe that the Democratic and Republican Parties are essentially useless in changing anything, because both political parties are too beholden to special interests to create any meaningful change

76% of Americans agree with the statement that America cannot succeed unless we take on and defeat the corruption and crony capitalism in our government

75% believe that the US government is NOT working for the people’s best interest

When people believe they are disenfranchised and powerless against a government that acts like an occupational force, bad things follow.


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