Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trump Cleans Up South Carolina Delegates

Trump won big in South Carolina.  He not only won the popular vote by a wide margin, more importantly, he has a commanding lead in delegates.  The reported the following:

Thankfully, we have some help breaking down South Carolina's allocation process from Josh Putnam, lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia, whose obsession with elections manifests in his blog, Frontloading HQ. He explains that South Carolina has two kinds of delegates. Twenty-nine delegates are awarded to whichever candidate wins the state popular vote. The rest of the delegates (21) come from congressional districts. South Carolina has seven congressional districts, and each district has three delegates. When a candidate wins a congressional district, he gets all three of its delegates.

According to ABC News, all but two congressional districts have come out in Trump's favor; the remaining two show a tight race between Rubio and Trump and results remain to be seen. But it's pretty clear Cruz can count on zero delegates from Saturday's contest. Currently, Donald Trump leads the pack with 61 delegates overall, Cruz has 11, and Rubio is lurking right behind Cruz with 10 delegates, ABC News reported.

 That has to be a devastating blow to Ted Cruz.  He had a respectable third place finish with no delegates to show for it.  The Trumpster has become a formidable foe.


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