Thursday, February 11, 2016

Don't Be Seduced by the Sirens of Socialism

When I was young, I too was susceptible to the siren song of “free stuff” liberals use to seduce the uninformed and inexperienced.  However, I grew up in the Reagan era; therefore I wasn’t so easily enticed by socialism.  The Carter administration was plagued with high rates of unemployment, inflation, mortgage rates, and long lines to get gas.  Wage and price controls didn’t work then and they won’t work now, but that is exactly what the democrats want to do with health care and other segments of our economy.

Americans should be disturbed when politicians try to buy votes with promises of free health care,  college education, broadband internet, phones and anything else a lip-smacking, teat squawker demands.  There are consequences.  One only has to look to Venezuela for an example of what “free stuff” can do to a country.  Here is an excerpt from

Maduro announced a 60-day “economic emergency,” beginning on Friday, which will allow Maduro to override any attempt by the legislature to liberalize the strictly socialist Venezuelan economy. The decision followed the release of official economic data for the first time in more than a year, showing Venezuela’s rampant inflation problem and warning of even worse economic decline. The government estimates the national inflation rate at 141.5 percent.

This number, experts say, is significantly smaller than the actual inflation rate in Venezuela, which the socialist government is trying to hide. Alejandro Werner, Latin America regional director for the International Monetary Fund, noted that the IMF’s official studies found that Venezuela’s inflation rate in 2015 reached 270 percent, and IMF estimates show the nation has the potential to reach a 500 percent inflation rate by the end of 2016.

People can’t buy toilet paper in Venezuela.  A man was caught smuggling dried milk for Pete’s sake!  Is this what we want?  Socialism is a flawed ideology.  It doesn’t work.  It never worked.  What makes democrats think it will work here in the United States?


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