Monday, February 8, 2016

North Carolina Democrats Disenfranchise Primary Voters

Leave it to the federal judiciary to screw up a state’s primary.  A three judge panel has ruled North Carolina’s 1st and 12th Congressional Districts have violated the Voting Rights Act.  Their ruling could delay or stop elections scheduled in March. 

This is a travesty.  North Carolina’s General Assembly has litigated and won, on multiple occasions, the redrawing of congressional districts against a handful of politically motivated malcontents.  What’s laughable are their protestations of the 12th Congressional District which was drawn back in the 1990’s by Democrats for the benefit of Mel Watt.  Now it’s a problem?  I used to be in that district until the Democrats gerrymandered my area out of it.

Senator Bob Rucho and Rep. David Lewis, both republicans, have vowed to appeal this ruling to the Supreme Court.  Here is their joint statement:

We are surprised and disappointed by the trial court’s 11th-hour decision that throws an election already underway into turmoil.  Should this decision be allowed to stand, North Carolina voters will no longer know how or when they will get to cast their primary ballots in the presidential, gubernatorial, congressional, and legislative elections. And thousands of absentee voters may have already cast ballots that could be tossed out. This decision could do far more to disenfranchise North Carolina voters than anything alleged in this case. We are confident our state Supreme Court made the right decision when it upheld the maps drawn by the General Assembly and approved by the Obama Justice Department, and we will move swiftly to appeal this decision.

Democrats are always bitching about republicans trying to disenfranchise voters, which is a complete joke.  Isn’t their lawsuit the ultimate means of voter suppression?  Haven’t they, by their actions, disenfranchised North Carolinians from having a say in the primaries? 


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