Saturday, February 13, 2016

Democratic Primaries: America Sucks!

I haven’t watched one Democratic primary presidential debate and don’t plan on it.  I find nothing appealing in having a communist from New York and a screeching, career criminal lecture the American people on what a loathsome lot we are and how we should be like the rest of the world.

Yeah, I’ve watched news clips but that is about all I can take.  His annoying accent and her high pitched rants coupled with their asinine policies are an assault upon my ears and intelligence.  How anyone can endure this self-loathing and economic stupidity is beyond me.  The New York Post sums it up:

The message from Thursday night’s Democratic debate is that everybody in America should get on a leaky rowboat and find somewhere, anywhere, else in the world to live — because life in the United States is a nightmare from which millionaires and billionaires and the Koch brothers and the Republicans will not allow us to awake.

The two candidates for the Democratic nomination spent most of two hours arguing over who was the better diagnostician of the moral diseases, ideological calamities, spiritual infirmities, racial injustices and downright evils that are being visited upon the suffering 320 million who have found themselves through no fault of their own trapped between two oceans in a dystopian oligarchic hell they call America.

These fools want to double down on Barack Obama’s ‘Hope and Change.’  Maybe we should forget about rounding up and deporting 20 million illegal aliens; instead, we should find these miserable, freeloading bastards and send them to a third world country of their choice.

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