Wednesday, February 3, 2016

N.C. Insurance Commissioner Worried Carriers Will Leave State

Obamacare is taking its toll on the Old North State.  N.C Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, a democrat, lamented how destabilizing the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act has been on the market.  Customers have experienced increasing cost, fewer options and high losses for insurers.  This scheme is unsustainable.  Here is an excerpt from the News and Observer:

“Insurers cannot continue to have annual losses in the hundreds of millions and be expected to continue ‘business as usual,” Goodwin wrote to Burwell. “I am highly concerned insurers may withdraw from the individual market in North Carolina altogether.”

In a subsequent phone interview, Goodwin acknowledged that the ACA has reduced the rolls of the uninsured by providing subsidized health care for nearly a half-million people here. But he said problems with the law and its implementation threaten to eclipse those benefits.

“If North Carolina continues along this path and we have no carriers, what do we do?” Goodwin said, recounting his November conversation with the DHHS Secretary. “Secretary Burwell was dismayed that a state like North Carolina would be posing this question.

I’m sure we’re not the only state that has raised this concern.  And what are we to do?  The only answer these geniuses could come up with is increase subsidies and expand Medicaid enrollments.  Mind you, the federal debt will reach $20 trillion at the end of Obama’s term.  Commissioner Goodwin also wants to implement a state exchange when all others have been complete failures.

These social engineers are ruining our healthcare system.    


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