Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nevada: One-in-Five Children Have an Illegal Alien Parent

While we watch Nevadans caucus tonight over who their republican presidential nominee should be, let’s keep in mind the people who reside there:

“In Nevada, almost one-in-five students (18%) have at least one unauthorized [illegal] immigrant parent, the largest share in the nation,” Pew reports. This high percentage places Nevada well beyond California and Texas, where the figure is 13 percent.
 While Nevada has the one of the highest unemployment rates in the entire country, it also has the highest percentage of illegal workforce in the entire country — 10.2% of the state’s workforce is illegal.

We should also note Democrats had a turnout rate 30% lower than 2008 with a surprising little twist.

The Nevada State Democratic Party said Monday that there were about 84,000 caucus-goers in their Democratic nomination contest, which is the first in the West and third in the nation.

 About 14,000 of those voters registered the day of.

 But in 2008, there were 118,000 Democratic voters who caucused, with about 30,000 registering the same day.

State party officials also said 65 percent of Saturday's participants were first-time caucus-goers and 41 percent of them were minorities.

Now that’s interesting.


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