Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feds Rough Up Texas Man Over Student Loan

All you deadbeats who have outstanding federal student loans had better beware because big government mafia is out to collect and it will cost an arm, a leg and possibly jail time.  A Houston, Texas man found out what $1500 means to a central government that desperately needs money.

Aker said he was put in the back of a truck and placed in a cell at the federal building in downtown Houston. Later, he was brought to court, where a "prosecutor," county clerk and judge were present. Aker said the prosecutor was actually a collection lawyer.

"Then I get a lecture (from the judge) about the United States and stealing from the government," Aker said.

Aker told The News that he was ordered to pay $5,700 for the loan, including interest. However, Aker was also ordered to pay for the cost of the morning arrest — nearly $1,300. If he didn't pay that amount by March 1, he said, he was told he would be arrested again.

The average student loan debt for 2015 graduates is approximately $35,000, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Aker said he was never read his rights during the ordeal. He is in the process of finding a lawyer.

Rights?  We have no rights in the Age of Obama unless you’re a protected class.  Mr. Aker is a black man, but he’s a black man who lawfully owns a gun.  That’s a disqualification especially in a county that has prosecuted people for merely being conservatives.


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