Monday, February 22, 2016

WaPo Columnist Suggest Progressives Sabotage Republican Primaries

Progressives are freaking out over the prospect of a Trump presidency.  They equate his “demagoguery” as Nazi-esque.  A political theorist and contributing columnist at the Washington Post is trying to come to terms with the ascendency of a man whose rhetoric is “opportunistic and divisive.”  Here is an excerpt:

Like any number of us raised in the late 20th century, I have spent my life perplexed about exactly how Hitler could have come to power in Germany. Watching Donald Trump’s rise, I now understand. Leave aside whether a direct comparison of Trump to Hitler is accurate. That is not my point. My point rather is about how a demagogic opportunist can exploit a divided country.

Isn’t that ironic?  That’s how we feel about Barack Obama and the whole damn Democratic Party! 

This columnist’s analysis is flawed.  Trump isn’t an ideologue.  That should be clear to everyone by now.   However, The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazis, were ideologues.  Their policies and methods of gaining power mirror today’s Democratic Party.  Sad but true.  I, like many others, have made that comparison in a number of post

As with most liberals, this Washington Post columnist has the need to dictate who are nominee should be, simply because they know better than us.  She wants liberals to reregister as republicans and sabotage our primaries.

Democrats, your leading candidate is too weak to count on as a firewall. She might be able to pull off a general election victory against Trump, but then again she might not. Too much is uncertain this year. You, too, need to help the Republicans beat Trump; this is no moment for standing by passively. If your deadline for changing your party affiliation has not yet come, re-register and vote for Rubio, even if, like me, you cannot stomach his opposition to marriage equality. I too would prefer Kasich as the Republican nominee, but pursuing that goal will only make it more likely that Trump takes the nomination. The republic cannot afford that.

 What this republic can’t afford is another national socialist like Bernie Sanders, or in the case of Hillary Clinton – a career criminal.


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