Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Medicaid Expansions Cerberus Truths

North Carolinians are constantly bombarded by advocacy groups and local media on the benefits of Medicaid.  However, these leftist organizations fail to inform the citizenry about the pitfalls of expanding a government program that is costly, inefficient and doesn’t live up to the praises gifted by dishonest progressives.

Katherine Restrepo at the Daily Journal enumerates the Cerberus truths on Medicaid expansion: Private coverage crowd out, deteriorating access to care and health outcomes.  Here is an excerpt:

The heavier the Medicaid caseload, the more providers will have to make up for being paidbelow market levels by negotiating higher payment through private carriers — ultimately passing on these costs to consumers in the form of higher premiums. The Galen Instituteexplains:
In 2008, Milliman, the leading health insurance consulting firm, estimated that the average American family with private health insurance paid $1,800 more in premiums because of this cost-shifting phenomenon. By dramatically expanding Medicaid, states will impose a hidden tax on tens of millions of people with private insurance.

Democrats have declared themselves champions for the middle class.  How is expanding Medicaid helping the backbone of America?  The answer, it’s not.  If anything, their policies expand poverty by ensnaring robust and productive working people into the morass of a welfare state.

Ms. Restrepo, once again, shines a light on liberalisms pesky falsehoods and sends them scurrying into the dark crevices where they belong.


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