Monday, February 1, 2016

Federal Debt Reaches $19 Trillion!

Stand up and take a bow, Congress!  Nothing says fiscal conservatism like $19 trillion in debt.  The republican establishment asked us to give them both the House and Senate.  We delivered and this is what we get.  Here is an excerpt from the Washington Examiner:

Back in November, the debt ceiling was suspended again, after having been frozen at $18.1 billion for several months. As soon as it was suspended, months of pent-up borrowing demand by the government led to a $339 billion jump in the national debt in a single day.
Under current law, the debt ceiling is suspended until March, 2017, meaning the government can borrow without limit until then. Obama is expected to leave office with a total national debt of nearly $20 trillion by the time he leaves office.
 Every day is Christmas in Washington D.C.!

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