Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Russia, China and Iran Open Syrian Base of Operations

The Obama administration has decided to exit the world stage and let our ideological enemies and competitors fill the vacuum that our president has created.  China, Iran and Russia have filled the void and are now in the Mediterranean forming a base of operations in Syria.  Breitbart.com reported the following:

Earlier this week, Chinese naval vessels have allegedly traveled through Egypt’s Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean Sea. According to a senior officer in the Syrian Arab Army, and confirmed by a Russian Senator (in the propaganda outlet Pravda), the naval vessels are headed for Syria’s Port of Tartus, and that “China has joined [Russia’s] military operation in Syria.” The reports indicate that the Chinese vessels will reach Tartus within six weeks. No explanation is given in these reports for the long time frame.

I wonder what Israel is thinking.  They have to believe the U.S. has abandoned them.  I guess we can add them to the list of American allies betrayed by the Obama administration. 


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