Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Surprise! We Have a New Email Czar!

The scum that populate these federal government agencies take the American people for a bunch of fools.  Secretary of State John F. Kerry predictably responded to Hillary Clinton’s email malfeasance by appointing a czar.  Yeah, I know, how original.

(CNN)Secretary of State John Kerry has tapped a former career diplomat as an "email czar" to coordinate the State Department response to the myriad of document requests mostly related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which have strained the department's resources, officials familiar with the appointment tell CNN.

Janice Jacobs will serve as Kerry's State Department's Transparency Coordinator, charged with responding to Freedom of Information Act and congressional requests faster and more efficiently and improving the State Department systems for keeping records.

This whole fiasco is a direct result of Clinton entitlement syndrome.  She purposefully set this system up to avoid transparency and FOIA requests.  We have also found out federal bureaucrats are doing the same thing at the IRS and the EPA except they don’t have private servers in their basements.

It is being reported that this new Email Czar has donated money to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  That town is corrupt to its very core.


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