Sunday, September 13, 2015

Muslim Dogs Beat Londoners for Passing a Mosque

Liberals love to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity.  So much so, they’ll allow Muslim dogs to beat innocent citizens for simply passing a mosque on an English street.

The incidents unfolded in London outside of the Brick Lane Mosque, where a group of violent Muslims ascended upon each man and delivered a brutal beating, reported London 24. Two of the beatings were captured on video and show just how ruthless the mob was when attacking the men, who didn’t appear to provoke them in any way.

In the first incident, a group of men wearing traditional Islamic dress are seen surrounding a white man as he’s walking. The scene quickly turns violent, and at one point, one of the aggressors picks up a metal street sign and repeatedly hits the victim in the head with it.

The second attack was taken from the street level, and as the cameraman approaches the crowd, another white man is lying on the street without a shirt, being mercilessly pummeled by the mob. The group of Muslims only stops after they appeared to lose interest once the man is lying lifeless on the ground.

And they’re allowing hundreds of thousands of these animals into their country?  Europe has a death wish.


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