Monday, September 7, 2015

Son of Illegals: America is Evil

It’s bad enough Americans have to put up with self- loathing citizens who constantly whine about the evils of our country; its worse when we ”import” them.  Students from the University of California, Irvine submitted a resolution to ban the American flag from the lobby of the student government.  It was written by student Matthew Guevara:

“Flags construct paradigms of conformity and sets homogenized standards for others to obtain which in this country typically are idolized as freedom, equality, and democracy…freedom of speech, in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible can be interpreted as hate speech.”

Wow! What a horrible construct.  Who knew freedom, equality, and democracy was such a hateful paradigm. 

Ami Horowitz, a political satirist, interviewed Guevara.  Independent Journal Review published the following:

Horowitz: “Tell me the environment created when the American flag was kinda hanging there in that room.”
Guevara: “It was creating a very hostile environment…”
Horowitz then set up a perfect logical trap:
Horowitz: “What people don’t understand is that sometimes to be inclusive, you have to exclude things you don’t like.”
Guevara: “Exactly…sometimes you have to exclude things.”

And got Guevara to admit some dark stuff:
Horowitz: “You’d be equally uncomfortable with the Nazi flag, or the ISIS flag in that room, correct?”
Guevara: “Yeah. Yeah, no question about it.”
Horowitz: “Can you identify evil in this world?”
Guevara: “The U.S.”

Lastly, Horowitz set another trap–this time, getting Guevara to directly contradict himself:
Horowitz: “Where are your parents from?”
Guevara: “Mexico.”
Horowitz: “And why did they come to the United States?”
Guevara: “To try and find work, a better life. The ‘American Dream.'”
Horowitz: “Instead, they found this oppressive American country.”
Guevara: “There is no such thing as class mobility. That’s an illusion.”
Horowitz: “Your mother, she must be so proud that her son is going to a major university…”

 He states there is no such thing as class mobility in the United States.  I imagine it would be difficult for his parents to climb the social ladder if they came here illegally which I have no doubt.  Yet, he is going to college, and probably at taxpayers’ expense.

Something tells me Guevara hangs the Mexican flag in his room.  I wonder if he’ll go back to his homeland when he gets his diploma, after all, Mexico is renowned for the opportunities they provide for their citizens, so much so, 20% of its natives are here in the United States.

Viva Mexico!


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