Sunday, September 13, 2015

Europe's Three Stooges Defend Iranian Deal

Europe’s three stooges wrote an op-ed supporting the much maligned Iranian nuclear deal.  Cameron, Hollande and Merkel believe this deal would put a stop to Iran’s nuclear weapons ambition.  Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post:

We fully support this agreement because it achieves the goals we had set ourselves. It deals with the uranium enrichment route to a bomb by requiring Iran to reduce by 98 percent its stockpile of enriched uranium; to lower by two-thirds the number of its centrifuges; to limit uranium enrichment levels; and to stop using the deep Fordow site for enrichment. It closes the plutonium route through changes to the Arak reactor so that it does not produce weapons-grade plutonium. And it ensures the IAEA enhanced access not only to Iran’s nuclear facilities and the entire nuclear fuel cycle but also, where needed, to any undeclared site.

Isn’t it funny these fools didn’t mention the IAEA’s side deal?  The same deal that allows Iran to monitor and report on their own nuclear facilities without verification from a disinterested, independent entity.

And what will happen if the Iranians violate the terms of this agreement?

In return, Iran will get phased relief from nuclear-related sanctions — but only as it meets its own commitments in concrete ways, verified by the IAEA. And we have all agreed on provisions for the return of sanctions if Iran were to substantially breach the agreement.
This is not an agreement based on trust or on any assumption about how Iran may look in 10 or 15 years. It is based on detailed, tightly written controls that are verifiable and long-lasting. Iran will have strong incentives not to cheat: The near certainty of getting caught and the consequences that would follow would make this a losing option
First of all, this agreement is based on trust where trust isn’t warranted.  Once sanctions are lifted, it will be nearly impossible to reinstate them once western companies and GSE’s have established business relationships and contractual obligations within Iran.  Who do these people think they’re kidding?

Mind you, these are the very same “leaders” who’re allowing their countries to be invaded by Muslims.  They’re betraying their own people.  Why would anyone trust these European fools?    


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