Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sen. Marco Rubio's Stealth Amnesty

I don’t trust Senator Marco Rubio.  His collusion with the likes of Senators Schumer, McCain, Durban, and Graham on granting amnesty to unknown millions of illegal aliens rubbed me the wrong way and I certainly doubt he has changed his mind.  Come to find out he hasn’t.  Here is an excerpt from Doug Ross Journal:

In a September 21 interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Rubio said that within 10 or 12 years — which would be after the U.S. foreign-born population has swelled above 51 million on current trends — “you could have a broader debate about how has this worked out and should we allow some of them [the illegal foreign-born] to apply for green cards and eventually citizenship.”

In a quote provided yesterday to New York Magazine, Rubio’s spokesman made clear that Rubio’s position on citizenship for illegals has not changed since he worked with President Obama and Senator Schumer on the “Gang of Eight Bill.”

Rubio’s spokesman declared: “Marco has repeatedly stated — and did so again last night — that he is open to green cards after 10 years.”

Senator Rubio, the republican establishment and the donor class maybe open to green cards for everybody.  The American people aren’t.


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