Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Climate Scientist Threatened and Harassed by Global Warming Fanatics

A climate scientist from Georgia Tech is facing the blunt end of a hockey stick from fanatics who want to politicize “global warming.”  Judith Curry agrees to some extent with the alarmists that human activity may contribute to warming, but she refuses to hop aboard the watermelon express and for that she’s paying a price.  Here is an excerpt from Watchdog.org:

“We have this politically correct, green position that all scientists are supposed to pledge allegiance to,” Curry told Watchdog.org. “I’m not going to pledge allegiance to that silliness.”

Earlier this year, Curry was one of seven climate scientists who had letters sent to their respective universities from U.S. House of Representatives member Raul Grijalva, D-Arizona, demanding they disclose “potential conflicts of interest and failure to disclose corporate funding sources in academic climate research.”

Grijalva backed down after receiving criticism of McCarthyism, but another controversial political tactic from Capitol Hill has Curry believing scientists who question the numbers and conclusions put out by organizations like theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are under attack.

Last week, 20 climate scientists sent a letter to President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy “strongly” supporting a RICO investigation similar to the way tobacco companies were summoned before Congress from 1999-2006.

These so-called scientists want to criminalize dissent?  These people are ruthless.


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